Biotechnology Resources

The focus of this page is to provide brief descriptions and links to key industry, government and educational resources available on the Biotechnology industry in general and specifically in North Carolina.

Industry Associations
  1. The North Carolina Biosciences Organization: Provides information on legislative monitoring and lobbying activities at the state and local level. Website contains currently national and international policy relevant information on the biotechnology industry.
  2. Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO): The national industry organization provides information on national, state and international issues relevant to the industry, including information on important conferences organized around the globe. Provides details on industry best practices and a variety of industry information, including product statistics and state-by-state industry diagnostics.
  3. Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA): PhRMA advocates on behalf of pharmaceutical and biotechnology research companies. The association’s blog, Catalyst, provides industry updates.

Education & Training
  1. North Carolina Community College System: The NCCCS website contains information on education, training and retraining for the workforce. In addition, the website has information on economic development and collaborations with business and industry that are currently active in North Carolina.
  2. North Carolina State University: NCSU offers undergraduate- and graduate-level Minors in Biotechnology. In addition, biotechnology and biomedical research are areas of focus at NCSU’s Centennial Campus. Also located on Centennial Campus, is the Biomanufacturing Training and Education Center (BTEC). BTEC provides educational and training opportunities to develop skilled professionals for the biomanufacturing industry.

Government Resources
  1. North Carolina Biotechnology Center: The NC Biotechnology Center is a non-profit, private organization that seeks to strengthen the biotechnology industry in the state and to promote biotechnology research and education. The Center is largely funded through appropriations from the North Carolina General Assembly. The Center's website maintains current resources covering several aspects of the state’s biotechnology industry, including workforce development, a directory of firms, and guidance for funding research and development.
  2. Thrive in NC: Biotechnology This site, hosted by the NC Department of Commerce, offers information about the biotechnology industry in North Carolina, including firm data and material on government policies and the workforce. Though primarily intended to attract the attention of businesses which might relocate to North Carolina, the site’s resources are of interest to a broad audience.

Web-based Resources
  1. OECD Biotechnology Indicators: The OECD maintains annually based indicators of the performance of the biotechnology industry across its member countries.
  2. Massachusetts Biotechnology Center (MassBio): Like the NC Biotech Center, MassBio is recognized nationwide as a leader in state-level promotion of the biotechnology industry.

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