This page includes data in chart format on various topics for the tobacco industry. These charts are referenced with hyperlinks throughout the other sections of this industry, but are also all listed here for comparative purposes. The labeling system for the charts is the same for each industry in which information is available: establishments (C2), employment (C3), average annual wages (C4), exports (C6), imports (C7) and layoffs/plant closings (C8) for North Carolina (Chart "a"), the United States (Chart "b") and top U.S. states (Chart "c''). See the “Website Overview” for more details.

Tobacco: Chart 2a: NC Establishments: 1992-2012

Table 2a: NC Establishments | Map 2a: NC Establishments

Tobacco: Chart 2b: US Establishments: 1992-2012

Table 2b: U.S. Establishments | Map 2b: U.S. Establishments

Tobacco: Chart 2c: U.S. Establishments (by State): 1992-2012

Table 2c: U.S. Establishments (By State) | Map 2c: U.S. Establishments (By State)

Tobacco: Chart 3a: NC Employment: 1992-2012

Table 3a: NC Employment | Map 3a: NC Employment By County

Tobacco: Chart 3b: US Employment: 1992-2012

Table 3b: U.S. Employment

Tobacco: Chart 3c: U.S. Employment (by State): 1992-2012

Table 3c: U.S. Employment (By State) | Map 3c: Top US Employment By State

Tobacco: Chart 4a: NC Avg. Annual Wages: 1992-2012

Table 4a: NC Avg. Annual Wages

Tobacco: Chart 4b: US Avg. Annual Wages & % Change: 1992-2012

Table 4b: U.S. Avg. Annual Wages

Tobacco: Chart 4c: U.S. Average Annual Wages (by State): 1992-2012

Table 4c: U.S. Average Annual Wages (by State)

Tobacco: Chart 6a: NC Exports Destinations: 2002-2012

Table 6a: NC Export Destinations | Map 6a: NC Export Destinations

Tobacco: Chart 6b: US Export Destinations: 2002-2012

Table 6b: U.S. Export Destinations | Map 6b: US Export Destinations

Tobacco: Chart 6c: U.S. World Exports by State: 2002-2012

Table 6c: U.S. World Exports By State | Map 6c: Top US Exporters: Export Destinations

Tobacco: Chart 7a: NC Import Countries: 2008-2012

Table 7a: NC Import Countries | Map 7a: NC Import Countries

Tobacco: Chart 7b: US Import Countries: 2008-2012

Table 7b: U.S. Import Countries | Map 7b: US Import Countries

Tobacco: Chart 7c: U.S. World Imports by State: 2008-2012

Table 7c: U.S. World Imports By State | Map 7c: U.S. Imports (By State)

Tobacco: Chart 8a: NC Layoffs & Closings: 1989-2013

Table 8a: NC Layoffs & Closings | Map 8a: NC Layoffs & Closings: Affected Workers By County